South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, players were tasked with finding all the Chinpokomon hidden throughout the town of South Park. The sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, has its own set of collectibles, but this time players are collecting Yaoi fan art of the town’s popular homosexual couple Tweek and Craig instead of Pokemon knockoffs.

Some Yaoi fan art in South Park: The Fractured But Whole won’t be available to collect until players have completed the main quest and unlocked all buddy abilities as well as combat TimeFarts. The order in which the Yaoi fan art is collected is arbitrary, but we have them organized here based on the street they’re on, going from the left side of the map to the right to make things a little easier.

For those that would prefer a video walkthrough for finding all 40 pieces of Yaoi fan art, we recommend the one created by PS4Trophies:

Street 1

Starting on the bottom street at the left-hand side of the map, the first building players will want to check out is South Park Elementary, which is home to not one, but two pieces of Yaoi fan art. The first is called Schooldazed, and it is easily accessed in the gym, at the top right of the bleachers. The second requires the use of Human Kite’s fartkour ability to reach the balcony in the school lobby. Upon reaching the balcony, go all the way to the left to find Just One Kiss.

In the South Park Community Center, enter the men’s restroom to find that there is electrified water on the ground, blocking the path. Pause time and walk across the water to reach the lever in the backroom. Pull the lever to stop the flow of electricity, and then safely enter the stall. The Room for One More is nailed to the back of the stall, so knock it down with some Snap n Pops. Note that the game will likely force the New Kid to complete the toilet mini-game before being able to grab this particular piece of Yaoi fan art.

Now go to the next screen to reach the suburbs of South Park, with Bebe’s house serving as the first point of interest. Go to Bebe’s bedroom and notice the four pictures hanging on the back wall in a cross pattern above her bed. The picture on the right is clearly some Yaoi fan art, so knock it down with Snap n Pops to collect Gaze of Thunder. Next players will want to head to Kevin Stoley’s house.

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art - Tweek and Craig Gaze of Thunder

To get inside Kevin Stoley’s house, use the Haywire ability on his garage. Then climb the ladders and shelving here to reach the garage roof, which in turn allows access to Kevin’s room proper, where he is playing with a VR headset – no, not the Nosulus Rift. Loot everything and go to the living room downstairs to find Kemonomimi Kiss taped to the wall next to the front door.

Next go to Raisins and loot the Terrance and Phillip backpack located in the far right of the restaurant to find Clyde’s garage key. Then enter his garage and grab Open Lotus off the cabinet before heading over to Henrietta’s house. In Henrietta’s house, go to her parents’ room and check the top of their dresser for Seme Surrender. Knock it down using Snap n Pops, and then head over to Jimmy’s garage.

To enter Jimmy’s garage, use the Sandblaster buddy ability to blow the lava away. Then simply grab the After School Special piece of fan fart from the back wall.

Go into Butters’s garage and take note of the calendar on the wall. Shoot at it with Snap n Pops to make it fall down, revealing Tweek and Craig: Fleeting Embrace. Then go next door to Cartman’s garage and use Diabetic Rage on what looks like a hot water heater. This will tip it over, allowing players to climb it and grab the picture Tweek and Craig: Reverse Lotus off the wall.

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art - Tweek and Craig Heart Pals

Go to Stan’s house, located in the next screen to the right, and go upstairs to Shelly’s room. The picture Tweek and Craig: Heart Pals will be found sitting on top of her wardrobe, so knock it down with Snap n Pops to pick it up. Then go to Kyle’s house next door and grab Tweek and Craig: Steaming Surprise off the wall by the door in Ike’s room. Go back into Kyle’s upstairs hallway and take note of the hatch leading to the attic. Hit it with Snap n Pops to make the ladder fall down, and then climb up to find Touched by an Angel taped to a cardboard box in plain sight.

Next players will want to go to Kenny’s house. In his little sister’s room, the Yaoi fan art called Happy Return will be taped to the wall on the right. When that’s done, go down the hall to Kenny’s parents’ room, loot it, and then knock the garage key off the hook using Snap n Pops. Go outside and unlock the garage, where Easy Breezy Daisy Boizu can be found, along with a chest that has an artifact inside.

Enter SoDoSoPa, which can be most easily reached by blowing away the lava in the alley by Kenny’s house. SoDoSoPa, also known as the homeless camp, is full of tents and trash. The Tongue in Tweek Yaoi fan art can be found here, clearly taped to one of the tents. At this point, players should have 16 pieces of Yaoi fan art and be almost halfway done with finding them all.

Street 2

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art - Tweek and Craig I Choose You

Once again, start at the left-most side of the map, but this time for the town’s middle street. The first place of interest is Stark’s Pond North, where players will find a bulletin board blocked by some lava. To the left of this bulletin board is a tree with a heart carved into it. As it turns out, this is a secret compartment where the Yaoi fan art Tweek and Craig: Golden Sparkle Days can be found.

Head to the church next, and go to Father Maxi’s office if you haven’t already. Read the bible at the back of the room and flip to its last page to find the passcode for the church’s storage room. And yes, finding the passcode is required because if players try to use it without finding it first, Cartman will call them out on it. Anyway, the passcode is 6-8-1 (Kneel-Before-Jesus), and the fan art called I Choose You can be found inside.

From outside the church, go to the right to reach the Park County Police Station. Wait for the guard to unlock the doors, and then go to the break room. Taped to the whiteboard in here are a number of suspect photos, with a piece of Yaoi fan art called Swept Away taped below them.

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art - Tweek and Craig Hanabi Waltz

The next point of interest is City Hall, which has Hanabi Waltz taped to the community board outside. Inside City Hall proper, knock Tweek and Craig: Reaching for Love off the wall to the left.

Now head to main street South Park and go to the South Park Gazette, located right next to Unplanned Parenthood. Twilight Boizu will be found here, taped to the side of the cabinet against the back wall. Then head to the Main Street Offices and go upstairs to find Push Me Higher.

When that’s done, go next door to Tom’s Rhinoplasty and head to the back room. On the left wall is Tweek and Craig: Sweet Creams, so knock that down and pick it up. Next blast away the lava blocking the door to the bank, and check the water cooler here for Bedside Manners. To the right of that building is Sloppy 2nds, where the Yaoi fan art Hard Candy can be found against the wall next to the cashier.

South Park Guide: How to Beat Morgan Freeman - Morgan Freeman

Next go to Freeman’s Tacos, but avoid the secret boss fight with Morgan Freeman for now. Instead head to the bathroom and grab Can You Read My Mind? off the stall. Skip the next building and go into the Photo Dojo. Among the many pictures hanging on the walls, there is Yaoi fan art near the door called Craig and Tweek: Crotch Rabu. Knock it down with Snap n Pops and then add it to the collection.

With main street cleared, go to the park and enter the boys’ bathroom to find Starlight Whispers taped to the stall. Then go to the girls’ bathroom and grab Who’s Your Seme? off the back wall. Leave the park and enter Big Gay Al’s house, where players can not only find one of the best artifacts for early on in the game, but also another piece of Yaoi fan art. This fan art, Extra-Curricular, is on the wall that leads to the hall with the bedroom and bathroom. Knock it down and grab it.

Next to Big Gay Al’s house is Nichole’s house. Use Haywire to enter her garage, and then grab Velveteen Dreams off the back wall, and that should be it for the second street in South Park.

Street 3

South Park Guide: Where to Find All Yaoi Fan Art - Brush Buddies

We will start our Yaoi fan art collecting for the third street at City Wok. Go to the left wall and snag Spoonful of Tweek. Then go to the Peppermint Hippo strip club and go backstage. Use Haywire to reach the manager’s office, and then get Brush Buddies off the left wall. Be sure to loot this place for a powerful artifact and Memberberries as well before leaving.

The next stop is Raisins. It’s hard to tell, but it’s possible to get behind the counter here – just push against it on the far right and press A/X when prompted. Once behind the counter, loot everything and go all the way to the end to find Tweek and Craig: Super My Heart. When that’s done, head to the South Park Senior Center, but note it’s probably easier to fast-travel to Token’s house and backtrack a little bit.

Once in the Senior Center, walk all the way to the right. See the blue and black painting hanging on the wall? It looks like a regular painting, but this is actually more Yaoi fan art. Knock it down with Snap n Pops and collect the Stargaze painting. Now go to Token’s house and head upstairs to his dad’s office. Taped on the far wall behind the liquor globe is Tweek and Craig: White Nights.

Now go to the movie theater and take note of the last row of chairs in the middle. The last chair on the left has a bunch of trash on it, so go clear it off, revealing a windmill. Use the Human Kite’s fartkour abilities to then reach the top level of the theater. Near the ladder is the Yaoi fan art Twin Stick Shooters, so grab that and climb the ladder to reach the theater’s roof. Use fartkour again to reach the roof of Tweek Bros. Coffee.

Loot the duffel bag and then use the hatch to get inside the coffee shop’s storage room. Tweek and Craig: Soul Cuddles can be found taped to the back wall. Now use Diabetic Rage to knock over the hot water heater and head into the actual coffee shop. On the bulletin board is Tweek and Craig: Before the Storm, which can be knocked free using Snap n Pops.

south park fractured but whole review

With all 40 pieces of Yaoi fan art collected, players will have completed the Scavenger Hunt: The Yaoi Project side quest in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, earning a lot of loot, a cool picture, and the Boy Love Aficionado achievement/trophy in the process. With this lengthy side quest complete, players will have found the bulk of the game’s collectibles, and should be well on their way to 100% completion.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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