Real-Life Destiny 2 Sparrows Created

Real-Life Destiny 2 Sparrows Created

Destiny 2‘s Sparrows are a fabulous way of getting around the game’s huge open-world in style, as well as being an excellent way to experience a guided tour. But how many players would love to ride a Sparrow in real-life?

While it’s unlikely that Sparrows will be going on sale at local car dealerships any time soon, Destiny 2 developer Bungie has at least invented a real-life version of the speedy vehicles. Ryan “RWilly” Williams and Blake “Bilko” Williams are two action sports athletes who apparently love Destiny and are therefore well-suited to taking real-life Sparrows for a spin.

The two Nitro Circus athletes took to California’s Shasta Lake to go head to head with Joey Natale (the number one hydro flight athlete in the world) and the stunt team from Hydro Circus. The teams were able to pull off a variety of stunts and tricks on the custom-made Sparrows, including barrel rolls, no handers, and supermans, which the athletes managed to pull off in impressive fashion.

The game’s publisher Activision explains that the vehicles took two months of research and development. The Sparrows work by using converted Jetovator technology and had to undergo significant testing and building in order for them to get such great air and so that they could be used to complete those incredible tricks.

Although the real-life Sparrows look like good fun, as they are able to get up to 25 miles per hour and can go up to 20 feet in the air, they could be pretty dangerous.  So it’s no wonder why professionals like RWilly, Bilko and co. are the only ones seen riding on these things in the video and life jackets were clearly a mandatory for them too. It also goes without saying that fans should not try this at home – unless they are riding virtual Destiny 2 Sparrows, of course.

The game offers plenty of different Sparrow unlocks, which isn’t quite the same as the real-thing but can be just as stylish and almost as thrilling. Controversially this also includes an exclusive Virgin Fibre Sparrow skin.

On these in-game Sparrows, players can ride rings around their peers, challenge their fellow players to races or just do donuts around the game’s new locations. Pulling off barrel rolls, no handers and the like isn’t possible just yet, but hopefully, fan enthusiasm will encourage Bungie to introduce those stunt features into the game soon.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

Source: Activision